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KLK Pillow Plush

  • KLK Pillow Plush
  • KLK Pillow Plush
  • KLK Pillow Plush

This listing is for one pillow, pick your favorite character in the options!

Soft fabric: The characters are printed on a silky short pile fabric similar to minky.
Two sides: Pillows are hand sewn, double sided with the same design printed on the back unless otherwise specified. (sometimes flipped)
Size: Each pillow measures approximately 17 inches tall and 6 inches thick

Washing Instructions
For light washing, put the entire pillow in with the stuffing.
Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent.

For heavy washing, you can remove the stuffing through the zipper and wash the case individually.
You can replace the stuffing with approximately 1lb of Polyfil fiber available at local JoAnn's or Walmart.
Try not to replace the stuffing unless necessary because it can sometimes be hard to regain the same shape if you are not experienced with stuffing plush.


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